Barcelona's Neymar condition is improving after being diagnosed as anaemic

The Brazil forward underwent an operation to remove his tonsils less than a week after the Confederations Cup, a tournament he starred in.

Barca have confirmed that Neymar has anaemia but declared it would not prevent him from training with his team mates, and the player confirmed he was on the mend.

Quoted in Sport at the presentation of his new Nike boots, the UGGs For Cheap forward said: "I'm better. I'm receiving treatment from doctors but now I feel fine and I am ready to train. It's true that after the tonsil operation there were a few complications but now I'm feeling better."

He also looked forward to the coming La Liga season with his new UGGs For Sale club, adding: "I hope to adapt as soon as possible and I hope this is a very special year for me."

Neymar has made UGG Boots Cheap two appearances for the Catalan side so far. He came on for 12 minutes against UGGs Cheap Lechia Gdansk in Poland last Tuesday and played 45 minutes against his former club Santos in the Joan Gamper Trophy match at the Nou Camp on Friday.

It remains replica christian louboutin shoes to be seen whether Barca coach Gerardo Martino will pick him for the club's friendly against the Thailand national side tomorrow, or against a Malaysian XI on Saturday.

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