Bairbre Power goes in search of the perfect swimwear

The F collection at Tesco is particularly strong this year. It has an impressive replica oakleys selection of affordable, co ordinating accessories and appealing Cheap Sunglasses kaftans for chic cover up, ideal for those early days of the hols when you're feeling a little shy about peeling off. The new Balbriggan store has a particularly strong fashion offering.

The tankini has to be one of fake oakleys the best swimwear Wholesale Sunglasses innovations in recent years, and Heatons has cool ones that will hide your mid zone, if you are replica oakleys anxious about not having toned abs.

With colour blocking so big this summer, no one will suspect you are wearing two odd bikini separates, strategically selected to buy fake oakleys suit your body type. The pear small on top, buy replica oakleys big on the bottom seems to be the most common shape in Ireland. You can help create the illusion of a longer, slimmer Cheap Wholesale Sunglasses leg with a side tie.

Rock that retro look poolside with high waisted, 1950s style bottoms that accentuate hourglass figures, so you can play up your boobs and booty.

Specalist brands such as Long Tall Sally have some brilliant beach options for leggy girls who want comfortable one pieces for fake oakleys long torsos, and their ruched front styles are very flattering.

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