Barclays endorsement sends easyJet to the top of the Footsie

The budget airline soared to the top of the Footsie today after an endorsement from Barclays.

The bank was surprised by easyJet's winter figures earlier in the week, with the short haul airline able to increase prices despite growing fierce competition from rivals.

Barclays' analysts gushed their support for the firm and tipped it for a strong summer, saying: "Be it business Cheap UGG Boots passenger, digital initiatives or simply careful capacity allocation, the company has developed a business model that continues to exceed expectations."

EasyJet rose 37p to 1804p.

Over at easyHotel the budget hotel chain set up by easyJet founder Sir Stelios Haji Ioannou news emerged that its Croydon branch had been replica christian louboutin shoes profitable in its first month of operation: easyHotel was flat at 97p.

Results from Shell, off 82.5p at 2071.25p, reminded blue chip traders of how dire oil UGGs For Cheap is, forcing the FTSE 100 down 58.24 points to 6767.70.

A string of brokers and banks took the red pen to Chilean copper miner Antofagasta, off 22.5p at 650.75p, after yesterday's production update.

Deutsche Bank said it was "disappointed with guidance for copper volumes and costs".

Afren continued its slow descent, down 0.2p to 4.59p. Oriel slashed its target price for the cash starved oil and gas explorer from 38p to 2p.

Money printing business De La Rue eased up 4.5p to 516.5p as it told investors everything was going according to Cheap UGGs For Sale plan. The company also announced that finance boss Colin Child is set to stand down in July.

Kenmare Resources has been locked in talks with lenders and must present a full budget by Saturday to satisfy its creditors it can make it through the year. Punters are clearly expecting the issues to be resolved, with Kenmare today rising 0.15p to UGGs For Sale Cheap 3.3p.

Asos slipped 20p to 2603.5p as investors reacted to news, released after markets shut last night, that chief executive and founder Nick Robertson had sold 20 million of shares in the online fashion retailer.

Market Tech Holdings, which owns Camden's markets, announced it has started on the redevelopment of the Hawley Wharf site, which was partly destroyed in a fire in 2008. Market Tech Holdings was flat 234p.

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